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Arama Binaural corded Headset w/ Noise Canceling Mic for Landline Deskphones(A200D2)

• Superb Sound Quality

• Most Comfort Heaset

• Ultra Durable

Price: $ 46.99
Discount Price: $ 34.99

• Superb Sound Quality: Wideband Sound telephone headset enables natural listening experience, features noise canceling microphone to reduce background noise, Acoustic Shock Protection to protect your hearing.

• Most Comfort Headset: Ultra lightweight office RJ headset with adjustable headband to fit all head sizes, a flexible mic boom to suit your preference, Soft silicon T-pad and high quality ear cushion enhance all-day wearing comfort.

• Ultra Durable: Precision design, quality plastics, unibody headband construction, flexible metal mic boom make this call center headset sturdier and more durable. Compete with Plantronics or Jabra heavy duty Headsets for Call Center, Telemarketing & Office. WORKS ONLY FOR LISTED PHONE MODELS. FOR OTHER PHONE MODELS, PLS SEARCH: ARAMA TELEPHONE HEADSET FOR MORE OPTIONS OR CONTACT US FOR ADVICE

• SEE COMPATIBLE PHONE LIST IN DESCRIPTION . Direct connect landline telephone headsets suitable for SOME SPECIFIC MODELS from NEC Aspire Dterm Nortel Norstar Meridian Plantronics Polycom ShoreTel Siemens ROLM Toshiba Zultys Packet8.Aastra:2465 2564 480 51i 53i i733 1120e 1140e 1150e i2002 IP i2004 Phase 6751i 6753i 6755i 6757i 6757i CT 7446i 9112i 9133i 4223 4224 M4020 M5208 M5209 M5216 i2002 i2004 i2004 Adtran:IP321 331 430 650 670

• Alcatel-Lucent:4004 4020 4022 Allworx:IP 9112 9204 9212 AltiGen:600 705 710720 Ascom:800 SD30 MR30 51 AVAYA/Lucent:4406D+ 4412D+ 1120 1140 1165 1210 1220 1416 3904 5420 5610 5620 4612 4620 4625 4625W 4630 Comdial:8312 8412 Digium:D40 D45 D50 D70 Gigaset:DE310 DE410 DE700IP DE900IP InterTel:8660 8662 8690 Mitel:5000 5010 5020 5040 5055 5250 5312 5324 5330 5340 5550 SuperSet 4015 4025 MiVoice:5312 5320 5320e 5324 5330e 5340e 53608568 6730a 6730a Plantronics:T50 T100 T110 SP-02 PLX-400 PLX-500


NEC:Aspire Electra Elite IPK Dterm Series i DSX DTL DTP DTR DTU SERIES DT300 DT310 DT330 DT700 DT730 DT750 Dterm Series E DTU-8 DTU-8D DTU-16 DTU-16D DTU-32 DTU-32D DTP-8 DTP-8D DTP-16 DTP-16D DTP-32 DTP-32D DTH-8 DTH-8D DTH-16 DTH-16D DTH-32 DTH-32D

Northern Telecom (Nortel Norstar):1120E IP 1140E IP 1150E IP i2002 (ip2002) i2004 (ip2004 (not for i2400 phase II and i2004 POE ) 1210 1220 1230 2465 2564 NTZK23AA AB: (M2216):ACDI Vista Powertouch 480 480e 480i M2008 M2216 M2616 M3903 M3904 M3905 M7208 T7208 M7308 M7310 M7316 T7316 T7316E M7324 M7900 M8001 M8003 M9516 M9009 NT8B20 NT8B30 NT8B40 NT8B50 Meridian Option M3110 3310 3820
Plantronics:A100 S10 S11 S12 S50 T10 T20 T50 T100 T110 SP-02 SP-04 SP-05 A100 T50 T100 PLX-400 PLX-500
Polycom:SoundPoint 300 301 335 430 450 500 (rev. E or later) 501 550 600 601 650 670 CX300 CX500 CX600 CX700 VVX300 VVX310 VVX400 VVX410 VVX500 VVX600 VVX1500

ShoreTel:IP100 IP212 212K IP230 IP265 IP530 IP560 560G IP565 IP565G IP655 420 480 480G 485
Siemens or ROLM:Optiset E Series with CA or HA option modules Optiset E Advance Optiset Advance Plus+ Headset
Adapter Comfort 300E+ Headset Adapter Comfort F300E Optipoint 410 Standard & Advance Optipoint 420 Standard & Advance Optipoint 500 Basic Standard SL & Advance & office
Optipoint 600 Office OpenStage 4040TDM 6060TDM 8080TDM Phones ROLM Phones with EHO option Module 612624
Toshiba:DKT-3001 DKT-3010S DKT-3014SDL DKT-3020S DKT-3020SD (NEED'BHEU ADAPTER sold by Toshiba not available from us) Strata CIX DP5022F-SD DP5023-SD DP5018-S DP5000-Series
Zultys:ZIP 59i 55i 53i Packet8:6753i 6755i 6757i


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